Add Life to Your Home Interiors with Frida Kahlo Posters

If you are unaware of who Frida Kahlo was then to throw some light on this, she was a Mexican artist, known for drawing portraits, self-portraits to be precise. The celebrated artist drew self-portraits full of pain and love. Besides, her art in a female figure is a great depiction of feminism.

Kahlo suffered from polio in childhood and after the bus accident, she had multiple injuries and fractures, undergoing 30 major operations in her life span. She went on to find happiness in life and took to paintings and sketches and drew 200 of them out of which 55 were self-portraits.

Take a look at some of her famous works that you can flaunt in your home that are a true work of art, full of a message, pain, and imagination.

Frida Kahlo and Her Connection with Flowers

Kahlo’s life was full of tribulations, but her love for natural elements like flowers was unending. Flowers have always been a strong feature and symbol in most Frida Kahlo artworks. Frida Kahlo had a deep sense of liking for the flowers and natural beauty and once she wrote, “I paint flowers so they will not die.” Take a look at some of the floral artworks of this influential artist and a unique style icon of contemporary times.

Frida Kahlo Wall Art, Colourful Floral Wall Art Prints Set of 3

This wall décor shows flowers in the full blossom. The message here in these bold and vibrant prints is life at its best and how these sensitive flowers have bloomed to their best.

This watercolor wall art set can be used anywhere in your home from the living room to the bedrooms. Gift it o family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other close acquaintances on a variety of special occasions and events like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, or even on Anniversaries.

Frida Kahlo Line Art Print, Feminist Wall Art Décor

Another such, minimal and contemporary wall art is this lined print art. The image portrays her dark thick brows. The ooze of pain and emotion is all to be depicted in her self portraits. The frontal position in this portray confronts the viewers directly. In the art work, the artist herself wears a crown of flowers and leaves. The depiction of this flora and fauna in the image is often used by her to create a tight, claustrophobic space, using the symbolic element of nature that helps to simultaneously compare and contrast the link between female fertility with the barren and deathly imagery of the foreground.

Her tresses are tied well. The image is a strong feminist image. She lost her hair in later life and indirectly it meant rejection and denunciation of the female roles. No matter, what she went through in life Kahlo stood up and stayed strong, and didn’t give up on life.

Use this beautiful line art print to be displayed in the bedroom walls for peace and tranquility, for display and decoration in the living room and dining areas, so that you can have a conversation over the print, in the hallways and walkways as well. Not just it, gift it to your dear and near ones who are a stronger supporter of feminism and appreciate the true work of art.


Frida Kahlo Posters for Wall Art are indeed full of messages and life, and each artwork tells you some hidden story. Explore more artwork by Frida Kahlo at Divi Arts Store – your one-stop destination for all themed and styled art prints and posters.

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