How to Choose Modern Wall Art Decor for Your Home Wall Décor

When designing a new home or renovating your home in a new style, a question might strike you “How to choose the right wall art for my home?”  While there is no thumb rule to this, there still some guidelines for choosing the right wall art for a particular space. The modern wall artwork you choose won’t just reflect your taste but it can help tie the entire space together and creating a character in a home. Big, small, one or many? If you too are confused about such questions, then take a look at this right placement guide.

Kitchen Wall Décor

The kitchen is one of the most neglected spaces in the home, especially in terms of artwork. It is the most used space at home and there is no doubt, that a nice art piece can enhance the overall look. Countertops and the empty above cabinets are perfect homes for art.

This Abstract Bowl Art, Modern Kitchen Décor Print, complements any kitchen and not overwhelms the space.

Bedroom Wall Décor

The bedroom is the place to rest, a space for retreat, and so the artwork should reflect the same. The ideal place for wall art in the bedroom is right above the bed’s headboard or on the wall opposite. In the bedroom, modern wall art pieces should be placed at the eye level. This Blush Pink Wall Art that is abstract ad thoughtful, makes a lovely bedroom décor. Besides, it’s in a quiet, soothing colour that works the best in the room that is meant for relaxation. Also, this art piece is minimal and gains full attention to its thoughtful design.

Bathroom Wall Décor

The bathroom is another neglected corner in the home in terms of artworks. Here the modern wall art pieces should match with the bathroom vibes. You can go for fun and vibrant art pieces. If you look for the master bathroom, opt for some serene artwork. This Nude Line Drawing Terracotta Print, Feminism Blush Pink Wall Art looks good in the bathroom.

Bathroom art also looks amazing in pairs. Place them in solid places for these pieces would be over the toilet seat, over the bathtub, if you have one, or over the robe hooks.

Living Room Wall Décor

The living room is the busiest room in any home and the place for entertaining guests and gathering. This intimidating place needs to look the best as all the visitors are likely to spend maximum time here. And hence, choosing the right modern wall art is elemental in provoking conversation and setting the right vibe of the area. One idea is to create a wall gallery.

Tropical Leaf Wall Art, Set of 4 Botanical Leaf Print, can be used to create a gallery wall of the same theme.

Another great idea is to think outside the box. For this, you can find a unique piece that best reflects you.

You can display this Set of 3 Nursery Safari Prints, which are themselves a reflection of you being an animal lover.


Decorating with these modern wall art pieces doesn’t require you to take out a second mortgage; just spend a little or as much as you like, and it’s done. Transform any house into a home with the wide assortments of modern wall art décor available at DiviArts Studio.


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