How Colourful Wall Art Can Instantly Make Home Aesthetically Pleasing

Are you stumped on how to make your home visually attractive? Are you also wondering how all that can be done in the right budget? Well, we have a pocket-friendly solution for you. It’s none other than colourful wall arts. Gallery walls, a mixed artwork display, is a perfect solution to any dull space in your home. Discover these fantastic wall decor ideas that are sure to add style to your home.

Gallery Shelf

A fantastic idea to add some character to any blank wall in any room is to install an expansive floating shelf. Layer wall art prints or some of your favorite artworks along the shelf. In case, you have a larger wall, hang several floating shelves, and stagger their heights. 

Themed Art

Another interesting idea is that you can dress up your home walls with variations on a single theme. Pick on a particular theme or motif of your choice that you and your family may love – like if any homeowner’s interest is in flowers – they can repeat it in a collection of paintings, wall arts, artificial flowers, and more. A pro tip is to frame all your pieces in the same style of frame.

For instance, a beautiful collection of these three art pieces can be installed. Hydrangea Water Colour Art Print, Set of 3 Botanical Art Print, can be used.

Filling Up Empty Wall Space

You have a perfect piece of abstract artwork in your rooms but still uncertain because it doesn’t fill the wall space the way you’d like it too? The best idea for this is to place smaller paintings on each side of it. Thus by pairing it with smaller paintings will make the arrangement feel more robust and the arrangement is in proportion to the wall space surrounding it.

Turquoise Modern Abstract Wall Art can be decorated around with this set of Pink Floral Wall Art.

A Bit of Nature

Plan to bring the outdoors inside with some nature-inspired colourful wall art. This Tropical Palm Tree Wall Art displays three large palm trees in the backdrop of a colourful sky. The bright blue and green colours add the needed splash of colours to the mostly neutral or blank room and coordinate perfectly with other accessories and decor.

Soothing Solution

Prevent a blank wall in your home from looking stark by filling it with some soft landscapes like Night Sky Wall Art Print that looks gorgeous when placed against a soft white wall. 

Buddy System

Filling a large wall in the living area can be bit challenging. You can begin by hanging a series of prints with complementary colour palettes above the sofa-sectional. Partner the wall art with some colourful decor elsewhere in the space. Bookshelves can also be installed to create a natural and supporting perimeter for the colourful wall art. Display decorative items and small framed artworks on the shelves to complete a pulled-together look for the entire room

Woman Face Wall Art makes a nice addition to the living area. This Modern Abstract Woman Art is noticeable and worth giving a thought to. It will look lovely next to any bookshelf. 

Bright Spot

Introduce a new colour to a space with brightly hued wall arts. This Succulent Garden Wall Art looks good in the bedroom, living area, or even dining space casting a focal point. It makes a nice contrast in any blue or purple-hue bedroom. For a polished look, repeat the same in other rooms.


With these ideas and a few other décor additions, you can certainly make a house feel like a home. No matter what your style, Divi Arts Studio offers a huge selection of colourful wall arts that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste.

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